Last Updated on 11 July 2022 by Dr. Sandro Cantoni

Hi, My name is Sandro Cantoni. I’m a Pediatrician

I work in the General Pediatrics Clinic. Hospital of Neuchâtel. Switzerland. Every day I teach young residents about General Pediatrics and I see many children and their parents. Always many requests for information and advice. Especially from new parents.


The Mission

The mission of this website is to help you on your wonderful but challenging parenting journey. 

Who writes the articles and how 

I personally write, or supervise, all the articles, after doing extensive research on the latest guidelines and scientific studies. 

This way you can be sure you will always find correct and up-to-date information.

In many articles, I also add my professional experience of over 30 years in pediatrics and real patient stories. 


Sandro Cantoni

p.s. If you want to see my curriculum, certificates, diplomas and informative videos you can go to this page: Dr. Cantoni General Professional Informations.