Bronchiolitis. The essential facts.

Bronchiolitis is one of the most important causes of cough in the first year of life, especially in autumn and winter.   

This disease is caused by a viral infection of upper respiratory tract. The most common virus responsible for bronchiolitis is the Respiratory Syncytial Virus. 

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Bronchiolitis. Is it dangerous? 

Yes it can be. 

In some infants there is a risk of respiratory problems. For example in very young babies, few weeks old, or prematures newborns.

These infants are frequently hospitalised. 

What are the symptoms of bronchiolitis?

Initially the baby presents the symptoms of a normal cold, with cough and loss of appetite.  She can also have fever. 

Then the cough becomes worse and worse and the baby develop a respiratory difficulty. 

In fact we see that when she breathes there is a retraction of the skin between the ribs, or at the lower part of the neck, above the breastbone. 

In the most serious situation, the child is sleepy and she doesn’t drink or eat.

If your baby has one of the signs described above, you should contact immediately your doctor for a visit, or take her to the hospital.

How is bronchiolitis treated?

Therapy is only symptomatic, that is, with remedies that reduce the discomfort of the baby.

For example you can help the baby’s breathing with gentle nasal washes. Then it is important to avoid dehydration.

In the most serious cases the child is admitted to the hospital for the administration of oxygen and fluids intravenously.

How long does bronchiolitis last?

Normally the baby is better after 10-12 days, but sometimes bronchiolitis takes more days to heal.

Is it possible to prevent bronchiolitis?

One of the most useful measures is to wash your hands often, both you, parents, and little brothers who attend school or kindergarden.

In fact, this reduces the possibility of transmitting viruses, including those that causes  bronchiolitis.

Another important measure is to avoid passive smoking.

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