Come trattare a casa le ustioni dei bambini? Una guida completa.

ustione bambini. bambina triste

Senti un urlo e il tuo bambino arriva con il braccio arrossato e una bolla. Ha toccato il forno. Cosa bisogna fare? Le ustioni del bambino sono una delle emergenze più frequenti.  Anche i bambini dei genitori più scrupolosi e attenti possono scottarsi. Lo vedo spesso in ambulatorio.  Questo perché il bambino è un esploratore … Read more

Carbon monoxide poisoning. An invisible killer.

Carbon monoxide is dangerous, even deadly, because it is invisible. It is odourless and colourless. You can breathe it without notice.  Carbon monoxide poisoning usually happens in winter, especially when we have, in the home, unvented space heater or other appliances that doesn’t work properly.  But why the children are at increased risk? Because their … Read more

Baby fever. My essential advice.

Our baby’s fever always worries us. Especially when it is very high. But fortunately most of the time the child with fever has no serious infections. let’s see what you need to know. What is fever? fever is not a disease, but is an ally to help your child fight the infection that causes fever. … Read more

Bronchiolitis. The essential facts.

Bronchiolitis is one of the most important causes of cough in the first year of life, especially in autumn and winter.    This disease is caused by a viral infection of upper respiratory tract. The most common virus responsible for bronchiolitis is the Respiratory Syncytial Virus.  Bronchiolitis. Is it dangerous?  Yes it can be.  In some … Read more