Reading aloud to your child. Why is it important?

Even just 10-15 minutes each day. 

Reading aloud a good book with your baby or child is crucial for his future.

Let’s see why.

What are the benefits of reading aloud?

Reading increases his imagination.

When you start reading a story to your child, you start an extraordinary journey together.

In fact you will discover fantastic worlds, or even similar to reals, through the books’ pages.

With your fantasy, you will meet people, visit countries and see worlds that are outside the concrete reality that the child knows.

In this way he learns to use and develop his imagination, fantasy and creativity.

The child increases his knowledge and improves his vocabulary.

By reading a book together, your child increases his knowledge of the world around him.

Moreover, the many words he hears, and what he sees, help him to better understand the meaning of words, even uncommon, and to increase his vocabulary. 

A help to deal with difficult situations.

Especially in the older child, reading a book can help him deal with difficult situations.

For example, in the case of a transfer to another house or city, or the beginning of school, or the arrival of a new brother or sister, you can read a book together on these topics.

The child will understand that that change is not a dramatic experience and this helps him to face his anxiety about the new situation.

When you read with your baby, you transmit your love to him.

Reading with your child, sitting with him in your arms or in bed next to each other, is a wonderful way of being together.

And this helps to strengthen mutual relationships of love, to build a deep bond of trust that will last over time.

By reading together, the child keeps the adult he loves with him.

In a total way, without distractions, with complete participation.

Your presence is a source of security and protection for him.

When you find the time to be with him and share a book, you send him the message that reading is beautiful, exciting.

As a result, you help him to love books and, when he grows up, to read them by himself.

Why is reading to children fundamental for their scholastic future?

The child will develop a better alphabet and language.

Reading with your child has proven effects to increase and enrich vocabulary and stimulate your child’s language.

In fact, when you read a book together, your child listens to, and sees, more complex and structured words and phrases than normal conversation or television.

In this way he learns the language of books and the grammatical structures of a story.

And this helps him to express himself better, in a correct and articulated way, both when he speaks and when he will start writing.

And the quality of his language also affects the quality and organization of his thinking, his intelligence, understanding of things and learning in general.

The child acquires the basics to learn to read.

Children who have many good reading experiences at home learn the written language of books.

When you read them aloud and share a book with him, you are laying the foundations for the ability to read (increase knowledge and vocabulary, knowledge of the alphabet, letters, words, sounds of various letters and words, etc.)

If you read regularly to your child, from a very young age, almost every day, he will arrive in first grade with greater ability, imagination and creativity.

As a result, his greater basic knowledge will allow him to learn to read, and to write, more easily.

The child develops listening and concentration skills.

We often believe that the child learns to listen in a natural, instinctive way.

Instead, parents help him develop this ability, talking to him often or reading books.

Reading to the child also increases his attention spans, and this is important for developing his ability to concentrate.

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