Hi. On this website, you can find information and answers. To help you, parents, in your beautiful, but challenging, journey.

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Reading Aloud

Reading aloud a book with your baby or child is beautiful and important. Why? How to do it? Find the answers here.

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Best Books

It’s important to chose the right books for reading toghether. Here you can find lists of great, awarded books.


About the author

Hi. My name is Sandro Cantoni. I’m a Pediatrician (and passionate of children’s books). I work in the General Pediatric Clinic. Hospital of Neuchatel, Switzerland.


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Normal development of your baby. And signs of delay.

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Advice about how to rid of pacifiers and other

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Information and answers about many health subjects.

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Safe sleep is critical for your baby and child. In this section, you will find tips on this and other related topics.