5 of the Best Pacifier Wipes. Safe and Easy to Use on the Go.

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Does your baby keep dropping the pacifier on the floor? No water nearby? Yup, it sounds like a nightmare for a parent!

Parents are often heedful of what goes into their baby’s mouth. Now, pacifiers often drop and end up being on the dirty floor, crib, kitchen counter, hospitals or even on the public road. That’s when pacifier wipes come in! They are easy and safe to use, and most importantly – they’re super portable so you can take them everywhere.

Pacifier wipes are a perfect solution for situations when there’s no water nearby, and you want to sanitize your baby’s teether, pacifier, bottle nipple, or any other item that goes in your baby’s mouth. It keeps them hygienic and clean. 

Many parents ask me if there are safe wipes to clean the pacifier when they are on the go with their baby. 

5 of the Best Pacifier Wipes are the following:

It is best to avoid using generic baby wipes to clean the pacifier. These may be fine for cleaning the diaper area. But they can contain toxic ingredients that can cause problems if they contact the baby’s mouth. 

After thorough research, I zeroed in on the best pacifier wipes – Dr. Talbot’s Pacifier and Teether Wipes as they’re free from chemicals, fragrances, and alcohol. It is an absolute non-toxic formula, only made with food-grade ingredients, including ‘Citroganix,’ which is naturally derived, antibacterial and antimicrobial. The best thing is that it has an alluring vanilla milk flavor!

Apart from this, there are other good brands, such as Munchkin Arm and Hammer Pacifier Wipe,s which are also made from 100% food-grade ingredients. Dr. Brown’s Pacifier and Bottle Wipes is another good option that contains plant-based xylitol. 

Keep on reading to know about 5 of the best pacifier wipes to buy in the market:

Dr. Talbot’s Pacifier and Teether Wipes: Best Overall


Dr. Talbot’s Pacifier and teether wipes are the best pacifier wipes out there to clean pacifiers, cups, teethers, bottles, and even toys. Designed with the utmost safety in mind, these wipes are made with non-toxic formula without any fragrances, alcohol, or parabens.

It is made with safe food-grade ingredients, including Citroganix, a natural preservative containing fruit acids and bioflavonoids. It acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent to keep the pacifier clean and hygienic.

Citroganix is a natural preservative that is made from citric acid and eucalyptus oil. It is a non-toxic and biodegradable preservative that is safe for use in food, cosmetics, and personal care products. Citroganix is effective at preserving food and preventing the growth of mold and bacteria. It is also an antioxidant and can help to protect against the degradation of formulas. Citroganix is a natural alternative to synthetic preservatives, and it can be used in products that are both organic and conventional.

The 48-count pack ensures it lasts you for an extended period of time. 

The best thing about Dr. Talbot’s wipes is that it leaves a pleasant vanilla milk taste behind instead of many wipes that tend to smell weird and repulse babies.

Main Ingredients: 

  • Aqua (water)
  • Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate: a mild vegetable-based surfactant
  • Glycerin: a sweet-tasting, non-toxic natural compound
  • Lactic acid: a natural preservative

It also contains citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium chloride, bioflavonoids, and food-grade flavor.

Overall, it is one of the best pacifier wipes out there, seeing its mild and non-toxic formula. It is ideal for pacifiers and to clean other items that go in your children’s mouths.

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Pacifier Wipes: Best Travel-friendly

One thing about Munchkin Arm & Hammer pacifier wipes is that the size of the wipe is small; hence it is the best wipe for pacifiers and not large items such as cups, toys, or bottles. 

Munchkin brand is well-known for producing 100% food-grade products; hence it is entirely safe for your little one. The main ingredients used here are primarily non-toxic, including aqua, citric acid, aloe barbadensis, vegetable glycerin, sodium bicarbonate, etc. 

Every pack contains 36 wipes which you can use to clean the teething toys. Perfect for parents on the go since it is pocket-sized!

Dr. Brown’s Pacifier and Bottle Wipes: Best Value

Mommies out there looking for great value-for-money, here’s your pick! 

Made in the USA, Dr. Brown’s pacifier and bottle wipes use fruit extract and all-natural, plant-based xylitol to clean your baby’s teething items. It does not contain harmful parabens, fragrances, SLS, alcohol, or formaldehyde. You can use it to wipe pacifiers, toys, teethers, bottles, cups, feeding spoons, and so on.

Parabens are a type of preservative that are used in many cosmetic and hygiene products. They are effective at preventing the growth of bacteria and fungus, which is why they are commonly found in products like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and moisturizers.

While parabens are generally safe and effective, they can potentially cause health problems. There is some evidence to suggest that parabens can disrupt the body’s hormone balance, but more research is needed to confirm this.

Since the Dr. Brown’s Pacifier and Bottle Wipes uses naturally derived ingredients, you don’t need to wash the wipe residue. With plant-based xylitol, it helps to maintain good oral health for your babies. However, xylitol can be toxic for dogs, so you must keep it out of reach of your pets.

The only downside is that it seems to leave behind a sticky residue.

Aleva Naturals Pacifier & Toy Wipes: Best Biodegradable Pacifier Wipes

Aleva Naturals is a brand founded by a pharmacist, herbalist, and naturopath. They have an excellent range of natural baby and maternity products. 

Their pacifier & toy wipes are formulated with safe, organic, and pure ingredients, also pH-balanced. Additionally, these wipes are certified vegan viz. all ingredients are strictly derived from plants without any harsh chemicals or toxins. 

Moreover, the wipes are hypoallergenic and free from chlorine, dioxane, SLS, and alcohol. It is enriched with chamomile oils and organic aloe vera to make them ultra-soft.

Environment-conscious mommas out there will love these Aleva naturals pacifiers & toy wipes as they are biodegradable in 28 days, meaning they will break down when discarded. 

Each pack contains 30 wipes, and the package is compact; thus, it will take less space – perfect for travel. In addition, since the ingredients are mild, it is the best environment-friendly option for pacifier wipes.

The First Years Gumdrop Pacifier Wipes

Last but not least, the First Years Gumdrop pacifier wipes are perfect for parents on the go, credit to their travel-friendly size. Like others, this one is also made from FDA food-grade ingredients; hence, they are entirely safe for your baby. 

You can easily clean baby items such as teething toys, pacifiers, cups, and bottles on the go and even their hands! 

The wipes are free from chemicals, parabens, and alcohol. Each pack contains 40 wipes, which is fairly enough. The only downside of these wipes is that many parents claim that it leaves an oily residue behind after wiping. Also, they are not environment-friendly.

Buying Guide

Parents often seek pacifier wipes that are safe for their child, and they need to consider a few critical factors.

Here’s what you need to look for in the pacifier wipes:


Pacifier wipes must contain food-grade ingredients as the pacifier goes directly into the baby’s mouth. Ensure you always check the ingredients before buying the wipes; steer clear of any wipes containing harsh chemicals or alcohol. Vegetable-based, organic, and natural ingredients include vegan glycerin, aloe extract, aqua, xylitol, etc.

Wipe count

Always consider how frequently you’ll be using the pacifier wipes. Opt for a limited number of wipes if you rarely use them. Compare price and quantity before making the final decision.


Environment conscious mommies out there would prefer biodegradable pacifier wipes for the children. These wipes tend to break down and degrade on their own when disposed of. 

Also, chemical-free wipes won’t pose much threat to the environment. 


Pacifier wipes need to be completely safe and contain 100% food-grade ingredients. In addition, it should be free from parabens, SLS, chlorine, soap, alcohol, and other chemicals. 

Furthermore, it is safer to choose fragrance-free wipes as they won’t be a source of phthalates.

Size and thickness

The size of pacifier wipes needs to be big enough to clean pacifiers along with other teething toys or cups and bottles. Small wipes cannot often clean thoroughly, whereas large wipes will clean the pacifier in just a few wipes. Pacifier wipes need to be thick enough to withstand optimal usage. 

Do we really need to use Pacifier Wipes?

There are germs all around us. And, as a pediatrician, I can assure you that germs and bacteria are often found on pacifiers. This contamination can be due to a lack of sterilization or sanitization. Or if the pacifier is not cleaned correctly. Heavily contaminated pacifiers may pose health issues to your baby. Keeping pacifier wipes handy will help you temporarily eliminate germs and prevent bacterial growth. 

However, pacifier wipes aren’t a permanent solution to sanitize pacifiers. So make sure you regularly sterilize it for your baby’s utmost safety.

Prerequisites of using Pacifier Wipes:

When using pacifier wipes, the following are a few precautionary measures you need to adhere to keep your baby and the environment safe:

  • Always dispose of the used or expired pacifier wipes in the bin.
  • Do NOT flush the used pacifier wipes.
  • Make sure your child does not swallow or chew the wipes.
  • Do NOT discard the pacifier wipes on the road, even if the pack says they’re biodegradable.
  • Avoid keeping the pack open for an extended period to prevent wipes from drying up.
  • Do NOT expose the pack to a high temperature or direct sunlight to prevent drying up.

Wrap up

When you’re out and about with your little ones, their teething toys or pacifier may likely drop directly on the road or dirtiest of floors. For situations like this, you’ll be glad you invested in pacifier wipes.

Pacifier wipes will help you temporarily clean and sanitize your baby’s pacifier, teething toys, or any other item that they put directly in their mouth. This comes in handy where there’s no running water nearby to wash the pacifier.

When choosing your pacifier wipes, always check the ingredients. The lesser the ingredients, the safer they are for your baby.

Our safest and best pick for pacifier wipes is- Dr. Talbot’s Pacifier & Teether Wipes, as it is the only product in the list that contains anti-bacterial ‘Citroganix.’ These vanilla milk flavored wipes are made from non-toxic ingredients and are completely safe for your little one.


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