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A baby bottle warmer can save your day if your baby favors warm milk!

Today, the best bottle sterilizer and warmer is a must-have gear that will not just kill bacteria within minutes but also warm up the milk bottle with just the push of a button. It is a completely safe, faster and easier way to evenly heat the chilled milk in your baby’s bottle or even cold baby food. 

10 of the Best Bottle Sterilizer and Warmer

We all know babies are prone to infections caused due to germs and bacteria, especially those that sit on unclean or unhygienic baby gear such as teethers, milk bottles, pacifiers and so on. Using a baby bottle sterilizer and warmer will eliminate this problem!

Best thing is that it can even hold the sterilized bottle for a long period, so you don’t need to warm it again. After deep research, I have found Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer and Warmer to be the best, thanks to the highly versatile, compact and intuitive design.  

Keep reading to find out our top 10 best bottle sterilizer and warmer picks along with a detailed buying guide for your convenience:

Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer: Best Overall

Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer stands first in the line, credits to its programmable and intuitive design. It is one of the best bottle sterilizers and warmers featuring a nice, programmable LCD control panel on the front with various cycle settings.

With just a push of a button, it produces electric steam to evenly and gently warm baby bottles and food jars. 

It has both- visual as well as audio alerts to notify you when the warming cycle gets completed. For safety, it has an auto shut-off feature that will turn off the unit within 60 seconds after the cycle finishes. What makes it more convenient is its ‘cycle memory’, so you can simply use the last setting without the need to reprogram it. Plus, it even offers different temperature preferences to the user. 

The basket is adjustable; hence it can accommodate all Dr. Brown’s baby bottles and those of other brands as well!

Key Features:

  • Electric steam warming system
  • One-touch LCD control panel
  • Preprogrammed warming settings for temperatures and size and type of baby bottle
  • Audio alert with auto shut-off prevents overheating 
  • Fits a single bottle
  • Large water reservoir
  • Last cycle memory for faster warming
  • Can be used for baby bottle, soothers, teethers, nipples and other parts

Bottom-line is, the Dr. Brown’s Deluxe bottle warmer is petite, and hence it is a perfect choice for those seeking a sleek, intuitive unit. Even though it is compact, it has a large water tank, so you don’t need to refill it often.

EIVOTOR Bottle Steam Sterilizer: Best Versatile

Looking for a versatile bottle sterilizer and warmer? Here’s your best pick. EIVOTOR Bottle Steam Sterilizer comes with a whopping 6 functions in a single unit for quick warming, thawing and sterilizing altogether. 

It has a double-bottle design, so you can quickly heat two bottles at a time in just a few minutes, ideal for feeding twins. The sleek LED panel at the front offers settings to adjust warming temperature and time. 

By tweaking temperature, you can warm breast milk (40℃), warm formula milk (45℃), defrost baby meals (40℃), prepare yogurt (41℃), heat baby foods (70℃) and sterilize bottles (100℃). The unit allows you to set a timer, and it is also able to keep the baby bottles warm for up to 24 hours on the target temperature. 

Best thing about this unit is that it comes all-included with a bunch of cleaning tools and clips. Plus, for the user’s safety, EIVOTOR Bottler Sterilizer switches off automatically if it detects that the water in the unit is dry. It can suitably hold and warm up glass, plastic and silicone bottles. 

Key Features: 

  • Measures 10.87H x 7.99L x 5.71W inches
  • Reservation functions keeps the baby bottle warm for 24 hours
  • Auto-off function when the water in the unit dries

The multi-functional design of the unit is perfect for people who seek versatility in a bottle sterilizer and warmer. It can efficiently sterilize baby bottles as well as warm or thaw milk and other baby foods.

Nuby One-Touch Electric Baby Bottle Sterilizer: Best affordable

Searching for a bottle sterilizer that does NOT cost a pretty penny? Here’s the best affordable bottle sterilizer and warmer for the budget buyers. It is a compact unit with minimalist design. Front of the unit flaunts a single power button which makes everything easier.

It ONLY has a single power button and no settings. To adjust temperature and time, Nuby brand provides a chart which will help you understand how much water you need to pour as per the bottle type and size. 

Simply, measure the water and pour it in the given warmer basket. The unit works by creating electric steam to warm the milk kept in the lift-out basket. With the capacity to fit a single bottle, it can effectively warm up breast milk, formula milk and even baby foods. Not to mention, it can also sterilize bottles and pacifiers within minutes.

Key features:

  • Comes with built-in measuring lid and cup
  • One-touch operation
  • Features electric steam warming system
  • Compact; perfect for small spaces

Grownsy Bottle Warmer and sterilizer: Best Value for Money

GROWNSY Bottle Warmer is best value for money- as it offers multiple functions at an affordable price. The 5-in-1 functions allow you the options for fast warming, steaming, normal warming, food heating and defrosting. 

The core function viz. ‘Fast Warming’ can quickly warm a 240ml milk bottle in just 3 minutes from 4℃ to 40℃. On the other hand, the ‘Steaming’ function can go as high as 100℃ to sterilize baby bottles. The GROWNSY brand also provides a chart to help you measure the amount of water to warm milk and set time accordingly.

Another great function in GROWNSY bottle warmer is its 24H Thermostat system that can maintain a constant temperature for 24 hours to keep the baby milk ready at all times. How does it work? Well, whenever any of the selected cycle gets completed, the unit automatically keeps the bottle warm for 24 hours. 

Key Features: 

  • 5 modes: fast warming, steaming, normal warming, food heating and defrosting
  • Made from food-grade PP material
  • Constant temperature mode can keep baby milk warm for 24H
  • Fast warming mode warms the milk in 3 minutes

Anyone looking for a budget-friendly yet multi-functional bottle sterilizer and warmer- this is a great option. 

Grownsy Baby Bottle Warmer and sterilizer: Best Multi-functional for Twins

If quality, temperature accuracy and versatility are your preferences, consider getting this GROWNSY Baby Bottle Warmer. It takes the guesswork out by intelligently calculating the heating time as per the material of the bottle and amount of milk in it.

The do-it-all design has the options for steaming, fast warming, food heating, fast thawing, constant thawing and normal warming- all in a single unit!

For steaming and fast warming, simply using 80ml water will create enough steam to warm the milk in just 3 to 7 minutes. The luminous LED display is quite wide and easy to use. 

Best thing about this GROWNSY bottle warmer is its double-bottle design, ideal for twins. Plus, the open adjustable lid cover can hold all sizes of bottles. Not just that, you can steam fork, spoon, nipples, and thaw breastmilk with this unit. 

For your safety, the unit has an auto shut-off feature. Moreover, it also flaunts a built-in constant temperature system that can precisely keep the milk warm for 24 hours straight. 

Key Features:

  • Made from food-grade PP material
  • Backlit LED display screen is great for night operation
  • Touch screen control
  • Fast warming: 30 ml water produces steam to heat milk in just 3 to 7 minutes
  • Automatic constant temperature mode keeps the milk warm for 24H

The semiconductor sensing probe, Microsoft temperature control and external probe make it more precise in sensing temperature. Hence, if you don’t want any kind of guesswork with temperature settings, you’d love this bottle warmer from GROWNSY!

Bololo Baby Bottle Warmer: Best for Temperature Accuracy

Here’s another intelligent baby bottle warmer by Bololo. It has 4 main functions viz. Fast heating, normal heating, defrosting and disinfection. 

The intelligent design can precisely calculate the heating time as per the material of the bottle and the amount of milk taken, from 0 to 300ml. The ‘Fast’ mode warms the milk within 5 minutes with 500W high power. 

The default temperature of the unit is 104°F (40°C) and its capacity is 120ml. On the control panel, touch ‘Material’ function to adjust the material of the bottle, touch the ‘Volume’ function if you want to adjust the amount of milk from 0 to 300ml and lastly touch the ‘Temp’ function if you want to adjust the temp which ranges from 99°F to 140°F. You can even use the ‘Reservation’ function to reserve warm milk anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

Main highlight of the unit is the luminous night mode, so you don’t have to turn ON bright bedroom lights at night. Simply touch the raised bottom of the unit to turn ON the night light. Touch it again to turn it off.

Key Features:

  • Made from safe PP material
  • Intuitive touch operation
  • Night light with touch control
  • Multiple functions: fast heating, normal heating, defrosting and disinfection
  • Programmable temperature and time settings
  • Wide and easy-to-use control panel
  • Flip cover is ideal for tall bottles
  • Beeps when milk is ready
  • Auto power off

The Bololo Baby bottle warmer houses a microcomputer chip, external temperature probe and NTC temperature control for better heating precision. No more calculating! It can automatically adjust time as per the milk volume and bottle material. If you prefer temperature accuracy, this can be your best bottle sterilizer and warmer.

Mosbaby Baby Bottle Warmer, 9-in-1: Best Highly Versatile

Mosbaby Baby Bottle Warmer is again a highly versatile unit for anyone who wants to have multiple functions at one place.

The minimalist design of the unit boasts a wide and easy-to-use control panel on the front. With this unit, you have multiple options viz. warm milk (at 45°C) , fast warming milk, heat food (75°C), defrost, boil eggs, make yogurt and sterilize (100°C). Every single function here has its default temperature settings, so you need not worry about anything!

Lastly, there’s also an ‘Appointment’ function which you can use to schedule any function in advance within 24 hours.

Double-bottle design again is perfect to feed twins. Besides, the open lid cover design is suitable to fit bottles of various shapes and sizes. 

Key Features:

  • ‘Fast warming milk’ mode can heat the milk at 45°C in just 2 minutes
  • ‘Appointment’ mode allows to preset any mode from 1 hour to 24 hours
  • Luminous and wide display screen is perfect for night use
  • Auto shut-off
  • Includes cleaning tools and clips to lift the bottle safely
  • Made from food-grade PP material

Anyone looking for a bottle warmer that cannot just warm milk but also do all the other tasks such as sterilize the bottle, boil eggs, defrost, make yogurt, then here’s your ultimate choice!

Heyvalue Baby Bottle Warmer 5-in-1: Best for Travels

Nice and petite, this Heyvalue Baby bottle warmer is best for travels. The 5-in-1 design features various functions such as fast warming milk, food heating, thaw, steam and 24H constant warming.

The front of the unit is sleek and stylish with an intuitive LCD control panel. For fast warming, simply pour 40ml water and it will heat the milk within 2-6 minutes using 400W high power. 

It beeps 5 times when the milk is ready, and it will automatically go into 24H constant warming mode. To protect the nutrients in the breast milk, it creates a gentle thaw cycle. Just like other bottle sterilizers and warmers, this one too is made from safe PP material.

For temperature accuracy, it houses a precise temperature control chip, external NTC temperature control probe and countdown timer system. 

Key Features:

  • 5 modes: Fast warming, food heating, thaw, steam and 24H constant warming
  • Auto shut-off feature for safety
  • Beeps 5 times to indicate that milk is ready
  • Automatically goes into the constant warming mode when any function finishes
  • Luminous screen makes it ideal for night operation
  • Measures 11.6”H x 4.3”L

Seeing its sleek aesthetics, compact design and tiny footprint, Heyvalue is one of the best bottle sterilizers and warmer for parents on-the-go! 

Gimars Baby Bottle Warmer, 7-in-1: Best in Looks

Next in the line is another visually-attractive and compact-sized baby bottle warmer by Gimars. It is hands-down the best bottle sterilizer and warmer for those looking for a unit that is versatile yet smartly compact. 

The nice and wide luminous LCD on the front is pretty self-explanatory. It features 7 functions viz. Quick warm, Formula, Warm milk, Defrost, Sterilize and Heat food. All of these functions have a default temperature, so you don’t need to adjust the settings. If you still want to adjust it, you can use the +/- touch control buttons. 

There’s an additional ‘Timer’ function that lets you schedule the time for warming milk in advance. The default time for this function is 30 minutes, which can go up to 24 hours. 

Key Features:

  • Quick warm mode can heat milk up to 40°C in just 3-5 minutes
  • Built-in NTC temperature control probe and Microsoft chip sense accurate temperature
  • Night Light mode for convenient night operation
  • Fits two large bottles (up to 20cm)
  • Sleek LCD display
  • Touch control operation
  • Food-grade safe PP material
  • 24H constant warming
  • Auto power-off
  • ‘Timer’ schedules milk warming from 30 minutes to 24 hours

Visually aesthetic and compact Gimars baby bottle warmer can fit two bottles and has various functions to make it versatile. Hence, it is perfect for twins or just anyone seeking a tiny footprint, stylish body and multi-functional design.

Papablic 5-in-1 Ultra-Fast Baby Bottle Warmer: Best Portable

Lastly, Papablic offers a classy, ultra-fast bottle warmer for those nights when you need to quickly warm your baby’s milk whilst also preserving its nutrients. 

It accommodates a single bottle and has a tightly-packed design making it an ultimate choice for travelers. The front panel features 5 modes viz. Steady warming, Fast warming, Defrosting, Heat food and Sterilizing. 

The Steady Warming mode will keep the baby milk at a constant temperature, so getting up for night feedings gets easier. You can preset the timer for this function for up to 24 hours, which is the best. 

To ensure safety, the unit will shut off automatically when the milk is ready. It beeps to indicate when your milk is ready. Besides, it can efficiently sterilize bottles, nipples and pacifiers in no time.

What makes it stand out from the rest is the ‘memory’ mode, so you can simply use the last setting with no hassles.

Key Features:

  • Can warm 6oz. milk in 3 minutes
  • Beeps when milk is ready
  • Auto shut-off
  • Fits most brands of bottles
  • Includes a bottle tray for easy lifting
  • Keeps warm for 24 hours

Papablic baby bottle warmer is again a good option for parents on-the-go!

How to Choose your Best Bottle Sterilizer and Warmer?


You might want to look for a bottle sterilizer and warmer featuring multiple functions in a single unit. Such design will reap maximum benefits from a bottle warmer, making it best value for money. Say for example, your bottle sterilizer and warmer is the best when it can also heat food, make yogurt, boil eggs and keep milk warm for 24 hours.


The bottle sterilizer and warmer must have a design that accommodates most brands of bottles with different sizes, shapes and materials. Some bottles are tall; some are short/ narrow while others may have an angled top. The chamber of the unit must be spacious and wide enough to fit most bottles, milk bags or food jars with ease.

Auto shut-off

Auto shut-off is an important feature to consider in a bottle warmer as it protects the unit from overheating or short circuits. The bottle warmer must be able to shut off automatically when a cycle finishes ensuring user safety. 

Now, auto shut-off is generally temperature-based or timer-based. Timer-based auto shut-off is better as it is reliable and easy to read. Temperature-based auto shut-off may often lead to either under-heating or overheating of bottles.

Beep alarm

Beeping sounds indicate that your milk is ready. This is also a crucial feature to look for, as even after the auto shut off function, the temperature of the milk may continue to rise until it’s removed from the chamber. Plus, overheating may cause the milk to lose its nutrients. So, a beeping alarm will notify you to instantly remove the bottle from the chamber.

Water tank

Large water reservoir won’t demand frequent refills. Make sure the water basket is large enough to sterilize or warm in multiple cycles to save you from the hassles of refilling. Some bottle warmers are able to auto shut-off when the water gets dry in the water tank. And, that is again a great feature for safety.


Your best bottle sterilizer and warmer is the one that has programmable temperature and time settings. With lack of such programmable design, there are higher chances of overheating or under-heating and it can get quite annoying to use. 

You generally invest in a bottle warmer for convenience and ease of use. Lack of temperature or time settings kills this purpose as it prolongs the time to reach the right temperature. Hence, look for a bottle warmer that has ideal temperature and time settings.


Some bottle warmers  can hold multiple bottles or two bottles at a time, while the compact ones generally accommodate a single bottle. The bottle warmer must be versatile enough to easily warm the milk bottle and sterilize bottle, nipple, pacifiers, teethers, etc.


With this, we wrap up our detailed review of Top 10 Best Bottle Sterilizer and Warmer. Seeing the features, versatility and intuitive design, we pick Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer and Warmer as our best pick. It has a nice programmable design, is tightly-packed and has multiple functions to add to its versatility. 

Its auto shut-off feature, memory function and numerous programmable cycles makes it a perfect choice for everyone!


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